5 Ways a Professional Maid Service Makes You More Organized—and Less Stressed

Remember that great New Year’s resolution you made to be more organized in 2014? If your to-do list is buried under a stack of junk in your study, McMaid can help, particularly if other resolutions relate to house cleaning. McMaid’s professionally trained cleaning teams help get your home tidy so you can concentrate on your other goals and dreams.

Here are 5 ways a professional cleaner helps you stay organized.

1. Clean surroundings create less mental clutter. When your home is untidy, it’s just another “to-do” task on your mind. From Arlington Heights to Barrington, St. Charles to Oak Brook and everywhere in-between, we all find house cleaning is easy to put off—but doing so can weigh you down. A neat, clean space automatically leads to a clearer mind.

2. Regularly scheduled cleanings reduce stress. Most of us recognize that unresolved stress causes health problems. When you know that your home environment is tidy and clean, it’s easier to de-stress and feel capable of doing other things you need—or want—to do.

3. Your tidy home will inspire you to organize further. When even one area in your home is clean and organized, you’ll be more motivated to keep other areas organized too. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get the urge to de-junk!

4. You will have more time and energy for everyday tasks. How many times do you find yourselfscrambling to get clothing and lunches ready for the work day? A clean environment gives you added time and energy to tackle the daily tasks of life ahead of time.

5. You’ll feel happier. It’s not surprising that the happiest people are usually the most productive and organized. When your home feels under control, you can feel limitless in the rest of your life.

Contact McMaid for further tips or to set up a cleaning schedule so you can start enjoying your newly-organized life, compliments of McMaid Home Services!

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  1. This is really true! My mind is way less cluttered and I am under much less stress because I know my house is clean, and I didn’t have to do it.

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