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6 Health Benefits of a Clean House

Remember Danny Tanner on the sitcom “Full House”? He always had a sponge and a bottle of cleaning solution handy, and he seemed almost giddy whenever he spotted a mess that required his expert cleaning skills. The show’s writers and actors got many laughs of out Danny’s

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4 Must-Clean Areas to Get Your Deposit Back

There are a lot of pluses to renting an apartment, condo, or home. If the pipes burst or the furnace breaks down, your property owner usually pays for the expense. If you need a change of scenery, you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting

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10 Unconventional Gifts for Mom

She was there when you had skinned knees, your first break-up, and teenage angst. She knew what you needed during those rough times, from a bandages to kind words or discipline. Now that you’re older, wiser, and more grateful, it’s time to give something back to Mom.

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Did You Know Your Mattress Needs Regular Cleaning Too?

You’re a responsible homeowner. You remember to do the dishes every day and to mop and vacuum at least once a week. You remember to change the filters in your furnace, and you remember to inspect your roof before each winter. You care for your home thoroughly,

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Secrets to Stress-Free Cleaning for Chicago, IL

No doubt about it: keeping your house clean is an uphill battle. Not long after sorting the mail, you find bills and letters piled up on the kitchen table. After washing load after load of laundry, you spot three pairs of socks stuffed under the couch. Even

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Fact or Fiction? The Truth Behind 10 Household Cleaning Myths

Homeowners share countless tips and tricks about their homes and how to care for them. After all, people tend to trust what they know. Maybe your grandmother always had a spotless house, or maybe your dad always kept the house organized. But whether you take advice from

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The Secret to Finding Truly Organic Cleaning Products in Chicago, IL

You want to keep your home clean to protect your family from germs and diseases. As you stand in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store, a plethora of cleaning products confront you. Many are household cleaning staples from the last 50 years, others are recent innovations,

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House Cleaning: Then and Now

Humans are extraordinary creatures. When it comes to making our lives easier, we’re pros at creating newer and better ways to do things. We invented cars to reach destinations at speeds that were unimaginable a century ago. We built skyscrapers so high that most people couldn’t to

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16 Things You Have Way Too Much Of (and How to Get Rid of Them Fast)

One minute you have a sparkling clean house, and the next minute it’s overcrowded with stuff. Things. Junk. To avoid becoming a candidate for a show like Hoarders, you’ll want to get rid of that unnecessary baggage that’s doing nothing but crowding your home. So, what should

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Make Your Garage Sale a Success!

As you’re cleaning and organizing your home, a garage sale not only helps you get rid of unneeded items, but also makes you some extra cash. But putting on a garage sale does take some doing. Here are some tips to make your garage sale go as

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