Dryer Vent Cleaning in Chicago, IL

Avoid House Fires & Other Risks by Calling McMaid for Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

FACT: There Are Over 15,000 Dryer Vent Fires Every Year Causing Over $100 Million In Damages and 20 Deaths!

Have you cleaned out your dryer vent recently? The cylindrical tube connecting your dryer to the outside vent can accumulate lint, which, if not cleaned out, could potentially spark a house fire.

To keep your home safe and free of flames, rely on McMaid Home Services for dryer vent cleaning service in Barrington, IL and the surrounding Chicagoland suburbs.

Why Clean Dryer Vents?

While these parts of your home may go overlooked, dryer vents can be the source of serious accidents. At McMaid, we take the time to inspect your dryer vents, clear them of debris, and inform you of further preventative tips.

As you dry your clothing, lint builds up both in the lint screen and in the vent line in the wall, behind the dryer. Because lint is flammable, it can cause a fire if your dryer is left running for too long. Our technicians understand this danger, and through our dryer vent cleaning service, they’ll help prevent further clogging.

A backed-up vent also forces your dryer to work harder on your wet laundry, leading to pricier energy bills and longer waiting time for dry clothes. Whatever the case, you’ll avoid further headaches when you choose McMaid Home Services.

Why Enlist Professional Help?

When you leave your dryer vent cleaning to experienced professionals, you save yourself time for more important activities, like being with family. Our technicians are factory trained and have the necessary skillset to maintain your dryer vent.

We’ve been serving homeowners like you since 1975, and our experience has taught us that quality work makes for happy customers. You’ll benefit from our friendly, local approach and our prompt arrival and cleanup times.

Don’t wait any longer for dryer vent cleaning service—call us at the office located nearest you or fill out our convenient online form to contact a willing technician.



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