Find Stuff in Your Pantry in 2 Seconds Flat: Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

When you open the door to your pantry are you greeted by a random assortment of canned food, boxes of pasta, and half-eaten bags of potato chips? You’re not alone. Busy families all over America spend more time looking for that rogue can of coconut milk for their favorite curry than they should. An organized panty lets you find exactly what you need in seconds, every time.

Join the pantry revolution! Organizing your pantry will streamline your time in the kitchen, whether you are cooking, looking for a snack, or packing lunches. Here’s how to get the most out of your pantry shelves.

The Great Clean-Out Clean Pantry

Start by taking everything out of your pantry. Clean it from top to bottom. You may even want to consider putting on a fresh coat of paint, while it is empty. If your pantry looks nice, you will be more apt to continue to take care of it.

Make Use of What You Already Have 

If your attempts at a great pantry have stalled because it seems like a heavy front-end investment in organizing (bins and such), take a look around at what you already have. You probably have some large glass jars, baskets, and cookie jars hanging around that could be put to use. You can even use small cardboard boxes decorated with wrapping paper to group like items.

Contain & Label 

Everything has a place; it’s an important principle of organization. Providing a container for each category of item in your pantry, then labeling it ensures you can find it quickly as well as, put it away in an organized manner. Try to get erasable labels so you can evolve when needed.

Design Spaces for Your Specific Needs 

Do your kids contribute to the pantry mess when they dig around looking for a quick after-school snack? Make snacks easily accessible by creating a kid zone in your pantry where they can easily see and reach what they want.

Skipping the rush for the door drama in the morning is as easy as creating a space in the pantry dedicated to on-the-go breakfasts or lunch making supplies. You might find things go smoother by organizing your pantry to serve your basic, everyday needs.

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