What Do You Do with Your Winter Clothes in Chicago, IL?

It’s summertime again, which means that you’re going to collect your coats, hats, gloves, and scarves, and you’re going to shove them into a closet where they won’t see the light of day until October or November. They’ll come out smelling musty and gross afterward, but at least you’ll enjoy their absence during the summer. You can leave those memories of cold mornings and wet socks behind you.

However, come October, you’re going to regret your storage decision. You’ll have to take your kids to school while wearing a coat that stinks of mildew. You wish there was another way, but what options do you have other than shoving your winter clothes in your closet?

Think You Only Have One Option? Think Again

You have plenty of options, and renting a storage unit doesn’t have to be one of them. You can store your winter clothing in many places inside your home, including

  • Boxes
  • Chests
  • Closets
  • Attics
  • Garages

If you store anything in your attic or garage, you’ll probably want to pack it into boxes or chests first to protect it from the elements. No matter where you store your winter clothes, make sure you fold them neatly and tightly so that you can maximize the space.

You can hang your winter clothes up on hangers in your closet, but that means you won’t be able to use that space for anything else. Instead, pack everything into boxes or chests, and stow them away in a discreet corner. They’ll be readily accessible when you need them, but they’ll also be out of the way so you can enjoy your summer.

But What about the Must and Mildew?

You also have options for beating that storage smell. First, you should wash all of your winter clothes before you store them. That’ll get rid of any body odors that might be on your coats or scarves. It’ll also keep that smell from soaking into your clean winter clothes.

Second, you should store your clothes with unused dryer sheets or potpourri packets. Any moisture that seeps into your box, chest, or closet will be counteracted by something that smells clean and delightful. You won’t have to feel ashamed of yourself when you wear your winter clothes out in public any longer.

Want more cleaning and storage tips? The experts at McMaid have everything you need to know about keeping a tidy home. Contact us to learn more today!

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  1. Great tips. Of course, in the South we have fewer of the coats, gloves, etc and more 12 month clothing. Another tip is that dry cleaners will often (for a fee) store those items for you after cleaning them.

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